Sometimes life gets so out of control that we think we don’t have time to meet with God. Then, oh joy of joys, we experience a wonderful time of worship at church or we have some extra moments and spend precious time with our Lord.

But how often, then, do we just rush back into the overwhelming whirlwind. Day after day goes by when again, it seems like we don’t have an extra minute to spare to meet with God. Life is out of control.

It’s at times like this, especially, that we need to make it our number one priority to meet alone with God one hour every day. If not, we’ll drown! We’ll be destroyed! We’ll be overrun with the tragedies and hardships of life.

God never intends for us to be overcome by the circumstances that surround us. That’s why He invites us to meet with Him each and every day. He has our daily bread waiting to feed us with. He has our daily mercies waiting to bless us with. He has all the comfort, strength, and hope we need each day, just waiting to give them to us.

If you’re in the middle of a crisis, don’t let another day go by without meeting alone with God. Ask a friend to babysit for an hour. Turn off the telephone for an hour. Climb out of bed an hour early. do whatever it takes today and every day to meet alone one hour with God. He’s got each day’s miracle waiting just for you to receive it.