Identity in Christ


If there was a party, and each one of us were given a one-minute opportunity to step up to a microphone, introduce ourselves, and tell others who we are, what would we say?

At first thought, it’s easy to think of saying, “Hi, my name is … and I am a … (teacher, homemaker, cashier, postal worker, etc.)”

But let’s not stop there. Let’s dig deeper. Who are we? Really? Who are you? Who am I?

Could we dare identify ourselves as someone who meets with God one hour each day? If I think about it, this one main commitment of each of my days really does define who I am in a totally new way than who I was before I decided to meet with God daily for one whole hour.

When we take the time to meet with God one hour each day, we are renewed. We are strengthened. Our worrisome nature is handed over in exchange for peacefulness. The sorrows that weigh us down are exchanged for beautiful garments of praise.

We are changed to be more like Christ, each and every day.

What Would They Say?

What Would Angels Say?

What Would Jesus Say?