What Would Angels Say?

For a moment, let’s imagine that we died and have just entered heaven. An angel steps up to the microphone and introduces us to the heavenly throne room. The angel is only allowed to say one thing about us…and this needs to be the single most important thing about how we spent our time on earth.

What is the single most important thing that this angel could say about us in front of the entire heavenly court?

Would you want the angel to tell everyone what job you used to have? What sport you were really good at? How much money you earned each year? Which ministries you led and what organizations you supported?

Or would you want the angel to say, “This person spent time each day in the presence of the Lord Himself!”

What will really matter when we get to heaven?

The Bible says that we will go through a “time of fire” and all the straw and stubble will burn away, leaving only the worthy and important parts of our life to remain.

How much of our lives are wasted each day in unimportant tasks such as e-mail, Facebook, surfing the net, and worrying over the mountain of cares each day brings?

When we get to heaven, we will spend eternity in the presence of the Lord, worshipping his holy name. This single action must be so important if it’s in God’s plan for us to do for ever and ever.

Let’s not wait to spend time with God just in heaven. Let’s make a commitment to spend time with God now, while we are here on this earth. Let’s spend one hour each day with God now, so that when we arrive in heaven, we’ll already know what it’s like to sit in God’s presence and worship and adore the one who delights in us most of all.