What Would Jesus Say?

And now, let’s imagine that our life is over on earth. We are standing in the throne room in heaven. Jesus, the Lord and Savior of the Universe, steps up to the microphone and introduces us to all the heavenly saints.

What is the single most important thing Jesus could say about us? Just imagine if He spoke and said,

“This is My beloved. Oh, how precious have been our times together, basking in the joy of our love! How I’ve longed for this day to come where we could see each other face to face.”

Then imagine…just picture it! Jesus opens His arms wide and we fall into His eternal embrace.

Today, while you’re spending one hour alone with God, imagine what it will be like when you meet Jesus face to face. Just sit in the presence of the Lord, invite the Holy Spirit to fill you anew, and rest in the arms of Jesus.