What Would They Say?

What if we were at a party and someone else had one minute to step up to a microphone and introduce us? What would they say about us?

Again, they could state our name and tell everyone the work that we do. This would show everyone what we spend the greatest portion of our day doing.

But what if they said, “This person meets one hour each day with God”? Wouldn’t that be an amazing identity for others to know us by?

If you have made the commitment to meet one hour each day alone with God, you know how much this single hour shapes our entire day. If you get up and meet with God early in the morning, it starts your day off better than a cup of coffee. It gives you the strength you need to face each challenge ahead. It gives you the Scripture you can use as your sword to fight the battle for that day, and win.

If you meet with God for one hour at the end of your day, you can go before him with all the worries and cares of that day and lay them down at his feet. You can rest your weary head on his shoulder and feel him fill you with his peace. You can be washed anew and find comfort after a stress-filled day.

When we meet with God for one hour each day, day after glorious day, we are a very different person than if we don’t. We have found the key to abundant living and others who know us will see the difference.