Come as a Bride

But now, O Lord,
You are our Father;
We are the clay, and You our potter;
And all we are the work of Your hand.

-Isaiah 64:8, NKJV

Each day, the Potter invites us to come and sit with Him in the Potter’s shack. Each day, the Potter invites us to come and stay with Him for awhile, enjoying His presence, experiencing times of refreshment for our souls.

As people gather in the Potter’s shack today, one is a very important woman who heads many important ministries. The other is the Potter’s bride.

The important woman keeps looking at her watch. “I really need to get going,” she says several times, standing next to the Potter as He is working at the wheel. “I have a lot of things I’m responsible for doing,” she reminds the Potter. “Can you please hurry up there?”

But the Potter just keeps working steadily at the wheel, shaping and forming the lump of clay in His hands.

The important woman starts tapping her foot impatiently. Finally, exasperated with how slow the Potter is working, she decides to leave. She rushes out the door and hurries off to work feeling dissatisfied, disappointed, and discouraged. She had hoped to get something from the Potter today but nothing happened and she didn’t have time to stay any longer.

Meanwhile, the Potter’s bride has been sitting with the Potter in His shack. She is sitting at the feet of the Potter. She rests her head on His knee as He works. A glow of adoration lights up her face as she can’t keep her eyes off of the Potter.

His bride is content with whatever the Potter is making on the wheel. She just delights to be in His presence! She knows the Potter loves her and cherishes her. This is more important than anything He might make for her on his wheel or give to her.

She loves the Potter. She lingers there with Him, just enjoying being by His side. Her favorite part of every day is when she can be with her beloved, alone with Him.

Come to the Potter’s shack today! Come, spend one hour alone today with God. Don’t come as the important woman came, however, hurried and harried because of all the commitments you have on your plate. She felt that her responsibilities were more important than the Potter. She was so busy that she left before the Potter had finished with the treasure He was preparing to give her today.

Come as a bride and sit at the feet of the Potter. Linger in His presence. Cherish what it means to look into the face of your beloved, rather than just be expecting a gift from His hand. Spend time with Him. Relax with Him. Wait for Him. He has a special treasure He wants to give to you today. Then come back again tomorrow and sit with the Potter in his shack. He has a new treasure just perfect for tomorrow’s situation. Each day He is working in His shack to create something precious to meet your daily needs. Come, sit with Him, wait on Him, and receive.