Come to Worship

Each day the Potter invites us to come spend time with Him in the Potter’s shack. Each day, we are invited to come be in His presence.

As people are gathering in the Potter’s shack today, one is a woman and one is a worshipper. In the woman’s hand is a long list. She falls at the feet of the Potter, begging Him to give her everything on her list.

Never even noticing the beautiful vessel the Potter is shaping on His wheel, this woman pleads with the Potter. “Give me what I want! Give it to me today! Give it to me now!” She cries and pleads, looking at her list often, fretting that the Potter is not giving her anything she asks for.

She does not stop to look at the beautiful vessel the Potter is shaping just for her. Finally, still weeping, she gets up and leaves the Potter’s shack. She feels that the Potter does not love her. She doesn’t understand why the Potter didn’t give her everything she asked for. She’s been coming to the shack for many days, each time begging Him to give her the things on her list, but not once has He given her a single thing she’s wanted. She never stops to look at the priceless treasure He’s shaping on the wheel for her. She never stays long enough to receive the gifts He wants to give her. She always just comes into the Potter’s shack, begs Him to give her the items on her list, and then leaves.

Meanwhile, the worshipper has stayed in the Potter’s shack. The worshipper is wearing a turban just like Aaron’s was. Written across the turban are the words, “Set apart as holy unto the Lord.” The worshipper has put on music. Soon beautiful worship music fills the Potter’s shack. The Potter smiles as He works at the wheel.

The worshipper dances in worship before the Potter. Then the worshipper praises the Potter. “You are worthy of our trust!” cries the worshipper. “You are holy and everything you do is perfect and good!”

This continues for quite awhile as the Potter smiles and continues to work at His wheel. Finally, a beautiful vase is finished. The Potter takes the vase off the wheel and collects all the beautiful notes of worship and praise inside the vase. The Potter hands the vase to the worshipper, whose heart is glad to receive this treasure. The worshipper says good-bye to the Potter and promises to return the next day. He carries the vase away with him, and the blessings he receives fill his heart with joy. The Potter hears the worshipper continue to praise Him and worship Him as the worshipper heads down the path away from the Potter’s shack.

Come to the Potter’s shack today! Come, spend one hour alone today with God. Don’t come with a laundry list of complaints or demand your wish list and prayer requests be filled immediately. Come into the Potter’s shack as a worshipper and worship and minister unto the Lord. We are all called to be a kingdom of worshipper. Come with a heart of thanksgiving, praising Him for all He has done and will continue to do! Worship before Him and then, plan to come back tomorrow to the Potter’s shack for another time of worship and praise. Your life will never be the same.