The Potter’s Best

God wants to make the very best He can of each of His children. He puts us on His wheel, and subjects us to the discipline which He deems most likely to secure our greatest blessedness and usefulness.

But alas! How often he finds a marred vessel left on His hands when He desired and sought perfect beauty and strength! This is through no failure on HIs part; but beause some bubble of vanity or grit of self-will has hindered Him.

When this has been the case, He does not cast us utterly away; but puts us afresh on the wheel and “makes us again.” If He cannot do what He desired at the first, He will still make the best of us; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

Yield yourselves afresh to God. Confess that you have marred His work. Humbly ask that He should make you again, as He made Jacob again, and Peter, and John, and Mark.

There is simply no limit to the progress and development of the soul which is able to meet God with a never-faltering “Yes.” Be very prompt to obey all that He may impress upon you as being His holy will. Let your life, like clay in the potter’s hands, be pliable to the Maker’s touch!

from Springs in the Valley, March 28 selection, by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, selection from the Daily Devotional Commentary