The Potter’s Heart

My child,

I love you with an everlasting live. You are my treasure! You are my joy! I delight in you.

When you come to me, confessing your sins, I wash you until you are as white as snow! I cast your sins into the depths of the deepest ocean and see them no more.

I cherish the time each day you come to Me and place yourself willingly upon my Potter’s wheel. I hold you in my strong hands. I shape you and mold you, for I have a wonderful plan for you. This plan includes a future and a hope. This plan has been in my heart for you since the creation of the world.

I have longed for this day today when you would be here on my Potter’s wheel, pliable in my hands to shape you into a vessel that I can breathe my Holy Spirit into.

I give you wonderful times of refreshment and renewal here in my presence, here in the Potter’s Shack. I give you strength and peace and hope. I give you My promise to work all things into good concerning you, even that one issue that concerns you right now the most.

I love you. I delight over you by singing a happy song. I will give you a new song to sing, a song of joy that wells up deep from within your heart.