Halfway Through

God promises to bring us through our trial. He brought Moses and the children through the dry ground of the Red Sea until they reached safety on the other side. He held the waves back until they made it safely through.

After they made it to the other side, oh what a time of praise and rejoicing took place! Miriam led the women in singing and dancing to worship our Mighty God.

Well, I don’t know about you, but in my life and in the lives of many I know right now, we are walking through difficult and distressing times. With the economy and with national disasters and with worldwide events, there are so many trials coming upon so many.

I have decided that I don’t want to wait until after I make it safely to the other side to start praising God. I want to praise God even when I’m only halfway through. I want to praise God, now, with the waves poised there above my head. I want to dance and sing in honor of Jesus, the one who saved me, today because He promises always to be with me and to bring me safely through.

I want to go through my trials and struggles with a song in worship for the one who is worthy of our trust, for the one who gives us hope, and for the one who cares about what happens to us.

Come! Join me today! Don’t wait until your trial is over and you are safely through. Spend one hour today praising God for He is here in the midst with you. Thank Him that He will not abandon you. Tell Him you trust Him to bring you through.