Present Your Requests to God

In Philippians 4:4-8, God gives us an open invitation to come to Him and tell Him EVERYTHING.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing into God’s presence, telling Him your laundry list of complaints and worries, and then running off to your next priority.

Come, make it a priority to meet with God for one hour today. Sit with Him. Lean your head against His heart. Feel His arms of comfort wrapping around you in a warm and tender embrace. Sit still within His love for you.

Then talk with Him. Tell Him EVERYTHING that is troubling you. From the biggest to the smallest concern, share it all with Him. Pour it out upon Him.

Then wait. Rest in His arms. Quiet your soul in His presence. Calm your wildly racing heart by listening to the strong, steady beat of His. Allow yourself to get lost in the ocean of His love for you until all your worries are washed away.

And when you return to your normal routine of life, set aside an hour tomorrow and another hour the next day and the next to return. Come back each day to meet with God and cast your worries upon Him. He is waiting for you to come.