The Fragrance of Christ

This morning, BEFORE I checked my e-mail, BEFORE I turned on my cell phone, and BEFORE I browsed the Internet, I tiptoed into the presence of my heavenly Father (some mornings I run) and I fell into His arms. It had been a tough day yesterday…and He had not only sustained but by His grace and mercy had also brought victory.

No, this wasn’t on my spiritual to-do list. But lately I’ve discovered the essential joy of tumbling out of bed each morning and stumbling into the presence of God BEFORE I literally “turn on” my day and check my electronic devices that are busy humming and chirping and calling me to the point of distraction from my true purpose to live each day for the glory of God.

And as I stood there in the presence of God, I made an amazing discovery! We may not know what Jesus looked like. We may not know what his voice sounded like. But we KNOW what he smelled like! Today I breathed in the fragrance of Christ! And you can too!

Wanna find out what Jesus smells like?

Here’s what to do.

Go grab your Bible.

Then click on this video and start dancing with your Bible. And as you dance with your Bible, hugging it close, lift it up and take a deep whiff of the pages. You’ll smell the fragrance of Christ, the Word of God.