What to Do

During your precious hour together with God, you can do whatever seems best to you. The key is to approach this time as a holy time, a special time spent with your Father, your Daddy, your Abba. Look forward to this hour each day as a time of delight, an opportunity to worship in the very presence of God, a precious time to sit at the feet of Jesus while resting your head on His knee, a tender time to feel His arms of love surround you and comfort your weary heart.

You can spend the entire hour relaxing in your favorite chair, listening to worship music wash over you, soaking up the love of Jesus.

You can read the daily selection from the One Year Bible or listen to the Bible on CD.

You can play worship music, dance in worship to a praise CD, play an instrument to worship the Lord, or sing favorite hymns in adoration of the Holy One of Israel.

You can take a walk through your neighborhood or ride your bike, praying for your neighbors as the Holy Spirit leads you to intercede.

You can work through the pages of a Bible study or read a favorite devotional biblical-based book.

You can write poetry that honors God. You can write a love letter to Jesus expressing your love for Him. You can paint a picture of what a certain Scripture verse means to you.

You can write down your favorite Scriptures on index cards or blank business cards to carry with you throughout the day or to give to those who need encouragement.

You can look through a family photo album and pray for each of the different members of your family.

You can assemble a photo album of political leaders, church leaders, family, or friends to pray over in the days ahead.

You can write a prayer journal and pour out your thoughts and feelings to God, asking Him to be your present help in time of need.

You can sit quietly in the presence of God and wait for His still small voice to speak to you and give you guidance for the things you are going through.

Spending an hour each day alone with God can be as full of variety as you want to make it. So come! He’s waiting for you right now! Come spend an hour with God today.

Create a Prayer Journal