Prayer Journal

For years now, I’ve kept a prayer journal. I use it often during my hour each day with God.

There are many different prayer journals available in stores today, but if you want to make your own, here are some ideas:

1. Use a 3-ring notebook for your journal. This allows flexibility so that if you’re at somewhere like work and suddenly have an unexpected long lunch break, you can grab a piece of paper and write on it for your prayer journal, then take it home and put it in the notebook.

2. Divide your journal into different sections with dividers and tabs.

3. Have one section be for favorite Scriptures. As you’re reading your Bible each day, write down a Scripture or two that really ministered to your heart. Soon you’ll have a collection of encouraging Scriptures that you can read when you need encouragement or guidance.

4. Have one section be for writing poems or your own personal Psalms that praise God. In the Bible, King David wrote many of the Psalms, most of which were poems in Hebrew. You can write your own Psalms to express your love and adoration for the King of kings.

5. Let one section be a list of people to pray for. In this section of the journal, you can keep a record of the prayer requests you make for specific people and then you can go back in later and write down how and when God answered your prayer! This is an amazing testimony over the years of the faithfulness of God and how He answers our prayers.

6. Have one section of your notebook be a place where you can journal to God. It’s like writing a letter to God. Tell Him what’s going on in your life. Tell Him your hurts, your disappointments, and your hopes. Pour out your heart to Him. He’s your Father and He cares about what’s important to you. Also feel free to ask God questions as you journal. Pause and wait for Him to answer you. Journaling with God is a two-way conversation. He has things He wants to say to you, too. Write these down in your journal and take time to reflect on His plans for you.