Gathering Daily Manna

There are dishes to be done. There are messes to be cleaned up. There are still three tasks remaining on my “to-do” list for the day.

But the dishes can wait. More messes will happen as soon as these get fixed. My to-do list will have to get done tomorrow…

It’s an hour before my bedtime and I have not yet met alone with my Beloved today. I have not yet gathered my manna for the day. I have not yet stopped everything I’m doing and set life’s demands aside for awhile. I have not yet entered my “secret place of the stairs.”

Oh, I’ve listened to praise music while I was driving. I shared a favorite Scripture with a friend. I prayed for people on my prayer list while I was cooking.

But that was all while I was busy doing other things. I didn’t stop my hectic pace to sit at His feet, rest my head on His knee, and listen to His gentle words of healing and hope. It’s the difference between washing the dishes and talking to your husband while he’s sitting at the table versus spending intimate time expressing your love to each other. It’s just not the same.

So that’s why, one hour before my bedtime, I forced myself to stop all my busyness. I put on a favorite worship CD, Cynthia Clawson’s Hymnsinger. I entered His courts with praise and His throneroom with singing and thanksgiving. After a time of worship, I then picked up my pen and in my prayer journal, I poured out my heart to God. All the frustrations of the day, the broken dreams, the disappointments—I told it all to Him. I laid it all out on the altar before Him. And then, when I was done, I picked up my One Year Bible and read the selection of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb for today.

And just as He does every single time I come to Him, God spoke to me through His Word. He gave me new hope, He restored me, He strengthened me, and He healed my wounds. He gave me promises to cling to and put everything—everything!—back into perspective. All my confusion was gone, now, and it all made sense. He gave me understanding to see each situation from His perspective, and with this a great peace poured over my soul.

Ah! Sweet hour of prayer and worship and reading God’s Word! And what made it even sweeter was that somewhere in that hour, first my adult son heard the worship music, got his Bible, and came into the room to join me here in my “prayer closet.” Then my husband came in, too. Now we’re all sitting here together, waves of sweet worship music washing over us (it’s the second time through the Hymnsinger CD by now!) and basking in the presence of the Lord!