God Delights in You!

One of the most wonderful things about meeting with God one hour each day is that it opens up our heart to hear God’s whispers of love.

God delights in you! Did you know that? You are precious in His sight! He loves to think about you, just as a father loves to think about his little child.

God rejoices over you with singing! When He thinks of you, He sings a happy song.

If you ever doubt God’s love for you, go visit a crowded store or busy marketplace. Look for a dad who is carrying his infant in his arms. Watch how tender the father is in his love for his precious child. Note how he smiles so gently with such adoration for his little one. He can hardly take his eyes off his child!

That’s how God is in His love for you. He cherishes you! He delights in you! You are the apple of His eye, the most precious one in the world to Him.

He longs to tell you how much He loves you. Spend an hour with Him today and tomorrow and the next day. Sit in His presence and open up your heart to receive His love. He’s waiting for you to come.