Reservations for Two

Wouldn’t you like to have a special date with your special someone? Reservations for a table for two. Candlelight and beautiful music. Delicious food, intimate conversation, and perhaps even dancing. Doesn’t the anticipation bring a smile to your face and sweet joy in your heart?

Meeting with God one hour each day is just like that. The thrill and anticipation of meeting with your beloved fills your thoughts. You reserve a special time in your hectic day just to spend alone together with God. And when the time finally arrives, what better way to enter His presence than with dancing to worship music, whispering tender endearments or shouting praises to His glorious name? Feasting on His Word, your heart will be renewed, refreshed, and restored. Prayer, intimate conversations with the King of kings, and waiting to hear His still, small voice speak within your heart will give you new hope in the midst of even the most hopeless situation you might face today.

So come! Get out your calendar and make a reservation to meet with God one hour today. And tomorrow…and the next day! Come, meet with your beloved one hour each day. Your life will never be the same.