Sabbath Rest

Have you discovered the delightful joys of taking a Sabbath rest?

The Sabbath is God’s holy day of rest. Some believers rest on Saturday because after creating the whole world in six days, God Himself rested on the seventh day. Other believers rest on Sunday because that is the day Jesus rose from the dead and established the New Covenant. Some believers rest on a different day of the week because work schedules keep them busy on the weekend.

Some believers rest from sundown to sundown in observance of the biblical day. Others rest from morning to evening.

Those who have discovered the secret delight of keeping the Sabbath, however, know what it is like to live the abundant life here on earth. Just imagine–a whole entire day dedicated to God and family each and every week! No legalism here…just knowing the precious joy of what it is to find rest in the midst of a crazy, workaholic, stress-filled world. Taking time to gather with fellow believers to worship the Lord, having time to enjoy family outings and build relationships with our loved ones. Finding time to delve deeper into our relationship with our Lord.

Sabbath rest. Why not discover its delights? This week set aside one day to rest in Him. Do the same next week…and the next. Your life will never be the same.