Storms of Life

Is there a storm raging in your life? Come! Meet with God one hour today. He has a life jacket for you to wear to keep you from drowning. He has an anchor for you to cling to. He has a light shining from His lighthouse so you won’t be shattered by hitting the rocks. He has a safe place for you to abide through the storm.

Come! Receive the comfort and strength God has for you this day.

And come back again to meet with Him tomorrow. He’ll have a new life jacket for you to wear to replace the one that has been battered and torn by yesterday’s storm. He has a new anchor for you to cling to, specially designed to hold you fast through the new day’s tempest. He has a light that’s shining to show you where today’s new dangers lie.

Don’t weather your storm alone. Meet with God one each day and receive the comfort and strength you need to face each new day. He wants to help you and see you safely through the storm.